Friday, 21 November 2008

The Window

After a week of frantic work I have finally dressed the window of the "Maison de commerce" of our little town! This is a great advertisement for my associtin Atelier de Beaumont and I'm quite happy about the result even though the photos here are not the best!


Blogger ChichiBoulie said...

oh it looks lovely! I'd love to know more about it.

21 November 2008 at 10:25  
Blogger sarah said...

it looks amazing! actually, the sign above the window now looks terrible by comparison! maybe next year you can ask them if you can fix it for them!!

well done!!!! stunning!

22 November 2008 at 07:20  
Blogger Solex said...

Great job !!!
I think we are a good team: You have the ideas and I try to work them out...what do you think ?
Was nice to do it with you !

Your loving husband.

22 November 2008 at 12:49  
Blogger ingermaaike said...

The window looks amazing!

25 November 2008 at 11:57  
Blogger Ravenhill said...

Delightful! I just want to see more it is so pretty! How fun to work on this!

25 November 2008 at 12:54  
Blogger Pamela Angus said...

this looks beautiful - good work!

30 November 2008 at 09:18  

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