Thursday, 6 November 2008

Winter blues

I LOVE flowers!

These pansies sit on my garage window and really bring me a little sense of lightness and joyfulness now that the weather has changed and the days are shorter.

Apart from Christmas and New Year I actually HATE winter!

But I do like being nice and warm in my home next to the fire and drinking lots of hot coffee and tea and nibbling on all kinds of chocolately stuff.

You see, at the dawn of winter I actually transform into a sort of marmotte........

I'm not that brave kind of person who goes fearlessly into the cold and wind like my sister who lives on that green, wet and gloriously pretty isle of Ireland! Oh no I'll have none of that .

What I need is CHOCOLATE!!!

Definately not good for the figure but oh so comforting to the cold soul!!



Blogger sarah said...

yes, i am very brave really...!! i love your beautiful house!

7 November 2008 at 05:35  

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