Thursday, 10 March 2011

Coffee shop news 2

Still playing around with ideas for the coffee shop!
Open shelving around our new Marzocco coffee machine hand made in Florence. Eric says they make the Best coffee machines in the world!!  These are not it. 

For the chairs we're going for the economical and ecological option of getting together a mix of old wooden chairs found here and there and unifying them in a selection of water based paint colours

Not sure about the wall colours yet although we do want to keep things light and airy but cosy too.

Nice wooden panelling might help with bringing in a warmth and cosy element. We want our customers to feel well and happy. Nature (in this case wood) usually does that right?

And then there's the "powder room" oh my, have we been spending time on this..........lots of formalities and restrictions happening here. We'll get there though! Going for clean and glamour here, with wall to wall rectangular tiles and shell (nacre) mosaic around the mirror area! And for the masculine side of the room, to balance it , we have chosen large wengĂ© brown tiles for the floor. Lighting, as in the rest of the place will be soft and indirect.   
This is another idea we looked at using the mis-matched chairs  in one shade of colour but we voted out for fun colours.

One other aspect of our coffee shop will be our library corner with comfortable seating ,sofas etc.A place where people can drink a good coffee or whatever and pick up a book and relax...........and be 'alone.'  

I'll be posting more about the coffee shop with real live photos as progress gets interesting so do keep tuned! 
You can visit our coffee shop site here  if you want to test your French! An English translation is still in progress :)  



Blogger Heather Nette King said...

Hi Iris, it's uncanny - so many of those images I also have in my 'favourite images' file! Great minds think alike lol. hx

16 March 2011 at 02:54  
Blogger Oliveaux said...

I still need to work on my French, but your website is great! Love the idea of having a library corner....cannot wait to see more images of it! Have a great weekend! Ax

31 March 2011 at 21:12  

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