Friday, 2 December 2011


 I can't beleive it's been nearly one month since I've posted! These last three months have just been crazy and with Christmas around the corner and my third son's birthday as well; things don't seem to be getting quieter!!
 But I've decided I'm making the effort to post nearly every day this December.........will I succeed?
 Here are a couple of photos of our advent calender I made with my girls last night. I know, I was late but better late than never ,right? Actually I was wondering if my kids are getting too old for this. To which "they" replied 'Mum you're never too old for sweets!' How true.
 We simply wrapped five sweets (one for each) in different patterned paper (trusty Ikea) and hung them on twine. With a couple of reindeers (also Ikea) it was done! We didn't put numbers on each packet because they really are old enough to be counting!!  Just for info, my kids are between 17 and 8years of age.
Our stag got a pair of "earings" for the festivities. He looks pretty cool, non? 



Blogger sarah said...

i just don't know how you do it...! i have managed to find my advent calendar, but still haven't put it up, and the christmas decorations have made it to the lounge room, but no further progess on that, they are rapidly getting destoyed one by one by you-know-who cause she just can't keep her hands off them....

5 December 2011 at 03:52  

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