Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's here again ,the need to do a thorough clean up not just the daily "quickly get things in order sort of cleaning " , no , the real thing!!

Moving furniture ,getting the steam cleaner out and scrubbing away in all those corners where dust and grime gets caught up!

It also means getting rid of stuff that has been hiding in the cupboards waisting space and not being used.

Need to get 3 piles going

1) things I use and want to keep

2) things that can be given away and

3) things that need to be thrown away!

I'm talking to myself aren't I ? Just getting things organized in my head for the big move..........!

I'll be keeping you updated, it's all about motivation isn't it?!



Blogger sarah said...

sigh don't talk about cleaning.....

4 April 2009 at 12:59  

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