Sunday, 23 August 2009

So where have you been?

Gold panning with world champion gold panner Rocco! YES we found Gold!!!!

One of the nice things about living in Europe is that in a few hours you can be in a totally different country ; speaking another language; eating other foods and seeing different people and environments! The other nice thing about living in Europe is that family is never too far away !

In 3 hours ( flight)we are in Ireland with my sister , and in 12 hours (on the road) we are in Piedmont , Italy where my dad now lives and on the way we can see my husbands' parents who live in Switzerland!
My mum's in Australia which is not on the European continent. Far away you see!

So this here's a little "aper├žu" of our school break..........

Swimming in crystal clean waters!Gorgeos walks! These are SO Italian! It's a kind of three wheeled motor-bike with a pick-up sitting on it!

Relaxing! Very important! Gorgeous wilderness, soaking it in!


Amazing architecture!
Eating pizza! Do you mean it's all over and it's back to school, back to routines and programmes and endless driving and appointements and errands and do I sound depressed?!!
As the French say BON COURAGE!! to all those who feel like me!



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