Thursday, 19 May 2011


 Yesterday we headed out to Paris. Only a two hour trip for us, this time to put our passports up to date with the new biometric standards. Two embassies later on the way home we "dropped" into Chantilly.
 A lovely domaine which once housed the kings horses. The girls who are absolute horse lovers were wrapped. Only thing to visit the stables one has to fork out 13 euros; just to see some horses.
 We told the girls this was definately not worth the money to which they responded " But they are Royal horses!"
 On another note, when I first came to France I discovered that whipped cream was called Chantilly and so I assumed that it was first discovered in Chantilly and possibly dans le château!! I wouldn't mind some with my stawberries!
And finally a royal courtsey from principessa Eve Edelweiss herself :)



Blogger Heather Nette King said...

Wow. Lucky you having such amazing history at your doorstep!

19 May 2011 at 14:56  

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