Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas decorating and winter cozy

 It's that cozy time of the year again. Cosy, that is if you happen to have a warm wood fire burning.
 Last year at this time of the year I had a little taste of how horrible it is to be cold. Those of you living on the southern hémisphere are the lucky ones not to experience such low temperatures that we have here every year. For nearly one, whole day I was unable to get our fire going and I was wearing my coat inside and making survival trips to Ikea to keep warm! Finally a freind came to the rescue and it felt SO good to be warm again. I certainly don't envie people living on the streets in winter here in France, although really, there is no reason for anyone to be out in the cold here as the French infrastructure is excellent in providing shelter for those in need. I am very thankful for the warmth our wood stove gives us.  
 The christmas decorating has started here with these dramatique sort of gold leaves I picked up for a song. Big effect for little. I like that! Don't they look Kelly Wearstler worthy?

 And here is a peak at our table scape with the last hydrangeas from our garden.
Now it's time for a early Christmas concert for the kids, more on that later! 



Blogger sarah said...

how did you pick them up for a song? did you have to sing a song??

and doesn't no.3 look like no.2 in that last photo! (and also a lot like grosspapy?)

5 December 2011 at 03:54  

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