Thursday, 30 April 2009

Switzerland,La confiture and Rubarb

We've been to Switzerland the past 5 days visiting my husbands parents. They have a huge vegetable garden and so inevitably we came back with some of their produce namely Rubarbe!!
So today I decided to make jam! Istarted with chopping up the rubarbe and cooking it with its weight of sugar.
I added stawberries because rubarbe is not appreciated by everyone in this family in the middle of the cooking time (when the rubarbe starts to get soft and so that the strawberries dont get too mushy)
And I let it all cook with a vanilla bean which I sliced in two to let all the aroma come out!
After sterilizing my all time favourite bought jam jars "bonne maman" I filled and labelled them and it was as easy as that!!!

It's yummy!!!