Friday, 21 January 2011

Coffe shop news 1

Yesterday we (l'autre estaminet, our new coffee shop) were asked to prepare a reception for an organisation
 who were having a day long seminar in a nearby hall. Even though our coffee shop is still 'work in process' it was great to have the opportunity to make ourselves 'present'. We served excellent fair trade coffee from Guatamala and Rwanda.
                                 Good quality coffee will be one of our major accents in the cafĂ©

                              Each coffee was presented by our trained barrista aka: my husband!
                             We had to serve 300 people in a very short time during their pauses.
 Another accent of ours is fresh fruit juices and smoothies. We didn't have the facilities to make smoothies on the spot but we did bring along our orange juicer! 
 People seemed to enjoy the quick pick me up and the novelty of watching 'their' juice being made for them before their very eyes.

                                               Kilos and kilos of oranges! Total goodness......
I was in charge of the decoration. I found this tree in a local store and thought it would be perfect as we plan to build a life size tree in the middle of our coffee shop. This was just a glimpse of things to come!!
 At the last minute I hit You tube to find out how to make these gorgeous pompoms I've been seeing all over blogland............and they are SOOOOOOOO easy to make. I think I'll make some more for our grand opening and why not a group for the girls bedroom?!!
                                                  And who is this well built stranger?



Blogger Donna said...

Looks like you are well organized... Everything looks perfect and delicious! I'll have a fruit smoothy please! Good luck with it all!

21 January 2011 at 04:14  

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