Friday, 31 December 2010

Party time!

Every year, our primary school organises a student exchange for one week with a school in Germany. One year it's their turn and the next it's ours! We have always welcomed the German children into our home over the years (I say years because all of our five children have been or are still schooled there) but I have never had the courage to send them to Germany in an unknown family,so young , and not knowing the language. They are only 9  years of age, which seems to me very young for this kind of exchange.

 Anyway we have always had a successful time with the German kids because my husband (who is Swiss) speaks perfect German so communication is no problem. Last year we welcomed a little girl called Selena who apparently so loved staying with us, that on a later visit with her parents to Paris they dropped by to say hi!!
 So we could meet her parents and to cut a long story short we found out that her father was a Mars representative!!! My husband being the shy kind of person he is asked the man if he ever has samples?
 Well what a surprise; two days before christmas and this in heavy snow, we received a huge box with the Mars logo all over it !!!! My kids eyes nearly fell out of their heads.
  They had never seen so much chocolate gathered together in one place.........our place!
Needless to say that we have enjoyed chocolate everyday and that we have surely gained a few hundred grammes in all this feasting.............!

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Global Warming

 As is the rest of Europe we are experiencing some nice white fluffy stuff coming from the sky.
 Just in time for the school holidays and hopefully it will stay around for Christmas................
                                                        Perfect for snowball fights!


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas market

Monday, 6 December 2010

Getting ready

                                                 Getting ready for the festivities!
                                                  Sarah can you see something new?
                         Pretty paperwhites cultivated with love by my youngest daughter Eve.

                                                        Happy preparations to you!


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mr Fox

                                                                  Meet Mr Fox.
 My heart throb of the moment, maybe of bad taste but I like him. I saved him from a dark and dusty Antique shop for the meager price of 3 euros. The shop keeper obviously didn't like him and nobody in this house likes him......... except me. 
 Wouldn't he look great in a childs' room fable de la Fontaine style with gingham curtains and a cuckoo clock and  why not a duck!
For now he serves as my mascott in my studio until I decide what colour to paint him maybe then "they " will like him. What colour would you paint him? Black, white, fuschia , turquoise..........