Thursday, 30 September 2010

Funky Fhursday!

This image (sorry I don't have the source) reminds me of my sister Sarah. It's colourful, funky, classique and arty all rolled into one!



I wish I was here.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Handmade with love

Here are a couple of bags I just made for one of my favourite clients. She comes from the south of France so everytime I see her I feel as though the sun is shining. It's nice to be in contact with people like that don't you think ?

Monday, 27 September 2010

Kitchen love

Please excuse the blurry photo
I was doing some blog riding and came to find this image up top which reminded me of my own kitchen! The world is a small place!

Sorry i don't know the source of the first image :(


Friday, 24 September 2010

Fruity Friday

Happy week-end everyone!

Image 1    my own

Image 2   Vintagerose


Thursday, 23 September 2010

It's official

Autumn is here!

Today is officially day 1 of the cold, the wet, the windy,the foggy, the romantique, the mysterious, the cosy,
 the beautiful season.
                                                      So let us celebrate! Tea anyone?
                                                          Tea set gifted by my husband.
                                                                     Vintage Dutch.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Looking for a "real " princess dress for your little princess?
Have a look at my shop! Not Perfect But Nice 

Don't miss out these are one offs!!


Tuesday, 21 September 2010


It's amazing how flowers can brighten up your day!
It's the simple things in life that count.......

These were from dinner guests this week-end. Thankyou Nathalie and Manu!


Monday, 20 September 2010


Meet Lenais! She's a rag doll made with a pattern that my very talented sister (RedPossum)  developed. You can contact her if you wish to buy one in PDF form so there is little delay! Contact her on her blog or on her shop.

You can make her in whatever colour you desire, skin and hair colour even the eyes. So cute and an original gift idea for your loved one.

I had a lot of fun creating her.......... and her "story".

 Lenais is very fond of her bicycle and loves to ride down hills! She loves to eat toasted pink marshmallows by a bonfire on the beach. When she grows up she wants to be a baker!


Saturday, 18 September 2010

Strawberries anyone?

Look at these lovelies. Pure sugar!

They are soft sugar coated marshmallows in diguise............shhh!
Happy sweet week-end to everyone :)


Friday, 17 September 2010

New essence

When it comes to perfume I'm a pretty stable kind of girl. I like it when a perfume an "odeur" becomes a signature of  a  person. You recognise instantly that a certain person has been or is present just by simple olfaction. I love that, being there without being there. The mystery, the romance,the memories that a smell can awaken.

So normally I wear Paris by YSL, it was the first perfume offered to me by my man,( now husband). We were living and met in Paris, our first memories were made in this city and every time I catch a wiff of "Paris" I get that warm fuzzy feeling.

But............every now and then I feel the urge to try something "new" , which brings me to the reason of this post!

Isn't this bottle just so charming? I fell for the daisy, my all time favourite flower, although I do like a lot of other flowers. The perfume is quite light and floral but not "heady". It's really nice and feels like summer.
 Let's push those grey ,cold clouds away!!!! 


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Your turn!


After answering all those questions I have to tag 8 other bloggers!

 Here they are :
                       A beach cottage
                       A refocused life
                       Red Possum 
                       Bébé and Alice
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Ok ,girls it's your turn!  Just answer the questions in my prior post.  Ofcourse you are free to play or not :)

                                                                 Image: Atlanta Bartlet


Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I've been tagged by Mrs Sutton   I will answer her 8 questions and then "tag" 8 other bloggers with 8 questions!

Here goes:

1) What would be your dream job? 

 Well I had to think deeply about this bcse a job is an occupation that takes up quite a bit of you day even if it is a "dream" job! So I had to think about what I love most doing .
a) looking after my kids
b) I'm an interior decorator by nature. I  need my surroundings to be pleasing to the eye.
c) I love to travel since I'm 9 I've traced a line on my school atlas of all the places I want to visit, mostly I have. So I would sum this up as an  itinerant interior decorator with family in tow! Ofcourse.

2)Where would you like to live?

Stangely enough a place where I haven't yet set foot : The Bahamas. Life seems so idyllic on an island and besides if it's good enough for James Bond and India Hicks it's good enough for me!

 3)In what century would you like to live. 

 Probably in the 19th century, it seems so romantique but I could be wrong. Anyway woman got to wear long dresses and beautiful hats.

 4) What would be your last meal?  

Anything "crustacés" crab, lobster, king prawns...... I love all that.

5) What made you start a blog?  

The need to communicate with like-minded people; and it has been such a blessing!

6) What's your favourite piece of clothing?

Well like probably 90% of women.........SHOES!

7) What's your favourite film?

 Pride &Prejudice

 8) What would you like to do before you turn 100?

I'm so not a planner!       

Now to tag 8 bloggers and let them know! 


Tuesday, 14 September 2010


How long would it take for me to get sick of this?Or this?

Ok ,normally i don't take too many risks concerning my walls but lately I've been attracted to this style. Maybe the call to nature ,to dreaming ................

Which leads me to a couple of "finds" last week!

I'm not too sure of this one but somehow I like it! It reminds me of the Cuckato in Australia. I think I'm trying to get some sunshine in here.

For now it's sitting on my sons' piano. He hasn't complained yet................ and he still plays wonderfully.

Having a large family makes me appreciate a more simple decoration, not too many colours ; they bring in the colours!

Images from elle decor and other unknown sources - sorry.


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Life is art

                                                    food for thought: found on French nest


Friday, 10 September 2010


Over the past couple of years I've grown to love the Cuckoo clock.

 I like the modern take on a traditional object. that's why in my house I have a white plastic one.

                                                                  A black plastic one!

                                                           And  NOW  a  real one!
I found this in a flea market for 10 euros and I quickly snapped it up for my sister who was looking for a "real" one. It does work ,the cuckoo really comes out of his little door every half and whole hour ! It's an authentic,made in Germany, all it needs is a little TLC and some patience to get all the mecanic synchronised!!

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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gardening in style

After reading the lovely blog The hill house diaries and her latest post about "glamourous gardening", I was inspired to share about Joules a british brand that sells these gorgeous gumboots (that's Australian for wellingtons!)I just love that big bow , so feminine without being "kitch" And the foral is cute for the little girls in our lives!
And on top of that they really are not expensive and we can all say yay to that, can't we!?


Monday, 6 September 2010

Dreamy ideas

I'm looking for ideas for my bedroom make over. I love these bedheads. They look so comfortable and cozy and a little glamourous.

All this white ........feels like sleeping on a cloud.