Monday, 31 January 2011

Perfectly pink

Pink anyone? I wish I was so daring to bring a pink couch into my home and would the 4 "boys" of the home ever sit on it? ;) 


Friday, 28 January 2011

Needing yellow

Lately I've been thinking I need yellow!
 Yellow like the sun, like daffodils.................
 So I've started adding here and there touches of moveable yellow. Both consciously and unconsciously.
 Even the fruit is yellow!
 And take a look at this gorgeous fabric from Beach Vintage So happy and even the price is a happy price!! I've been seriously looking for a place to put it in my home........ Maybe some cushions?


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mr Fox gets a makeover

 Well here he is with his new white coat
 He looks quite nice like this , as if he was made out of stone or marble.
 But I still think he would look kind of funky in a wildish colour, laquered  pink or yellow or turquoise!
Here's a snapshot before I hit him with the white paint. What do you think? Would you have Mr Fox at your place?


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Dark but nice

 This charcoal grey is quite stunning but would not be compatible with our northern skies which are often the same colour!

                                               Image : Lisa Carney for Country Living 2010.


Monday, 24 January 2011

I like

My new find for the coffee shop.

 Looks arty and crafty and .....................actually compfortable!

Jess has been playing with  a strange ball, I'm glad he didn't decide to use my new pouf!!!


Friday, 21 January 2011

Coffe shop news 1

Yesterday we (l'autre estaminet, our new coffee shop) were asked to prepare a reception for an organisation
 who were having a day long seminar in a nearby hall. Even though our coffee shop is still 'work in process' it was great to have the opportunity to make ourselves 'present'. We served excellent fair trade coffee from Guatamala and Rwanda.
                                 Good quality coffee will be one of our major accents in the café

                              Each coffee was presented by our trained barrista aka: my husband!
                             We had to serve 300 people in a very short time during their pauses.
 Another accent of ours is fresh fruit juices and smoothies. We didn't have the facilities to make smoothies on the spot but we did bring along our orange juicer! 
 People seemed to enjoy the quick pick me up and the novelty of watching 'their' juice being made for them before their very eyes.

                                               Kilos and kilos of oranges! Total goodness......
I was in charge of the decoration. I found this tree in a local store and thought it would be perfect as we plan to build a life size tree in the middle of our coffee shop. This was just a glimpse of things to come!!
 At the last minute I hit You tube to find out how to make these gorgeous pompoms I've been seeing all over blogland............and they are SOOOOOOOO easy to make. I think I'll make some more for our grand opening and why not a group for the girls bedroom?!!
                                                  And who is this well built stranger?


Wednesday, 19 January 2011


                            Back packs for twin neices wanted the aunt of these twin two year olds.
                                            Slip tie makes sure everything stays inside!!
                                            I used a mix of fun girly prints and colours.
                           Lady bug for Louane and a butterfly for Anaelle, they live in Paris.
                                                      I hand embroidered their names.
                                                           Adjustable ribbon ties.

              Just the right size for taking to the crêche and later to kinder. Even for sleepovers at nannas!!


Tuesday, 18 January 2011


 She likes to cook! Isn't that great someone to help in the kitchen. More than that, what she actually makes is simply yummy!
 Here she is making little bite sized sauceage rolls for the "aperitif."
 So simple to make. Just take simple frankfurters, cut them into bite sized pieces and wrap them up in philo pastry ribbons.  
I didn't get any after shots, sorry. They do look nicer when the pastry has blown up and become flakey and buttery and all that is good for the taste buds but not for the hips!!


Monday, 17 January 2011

See you next year

It's a wrap. Christmas is over!  

 All the decorations are finally packed up and ready for next year.
 Actually it has been a week or two ago that these photos were taken . I've just been too sick with the flu to put them up.
So here we are turning the page and moving on through the new year that has well and truly started! January is such a tough month for me with all the festivities and work up towards christmas etc, when it's all  finished all your left with is grey skies and cold temperatures.
I'm looking forward to next month and seeing the first snow bells peak through in my garden.................. Vive le printemps! 


Saturday, 8 January 2011

I love

I love a bit of drama but when it comes down to it what I really LOVE is the simple and light Swedish style.
 I love it's lightness, it's open and airiness, it's cosiness and ofcourse it's easy living.

 This is an idea I'm keeping for Eves new bedroom . Yes I've got the moving around bug again!!!
The girl's share a room at the moment and as adolescence eases in it seems things are getting urgent in the space making departement (lots of screaming,scratching and hair pulling -why do girls do that?) Anyway watch this space for "the making of"!  


Thursday, 6 January 2011

It's time for a tea parties

 These are the exact words of my scrumptious little niece Poppy! She declared these words after seeing my girls setting up the "Twister" mat. She was obviously thinking "picnic blanket" having seen her mum and dad having more picnics than playing "Twister"!
 I love these boxes and packaging. So bright and fun and what's even better the teas have really groovy names and even better they taste nice!
Kusmi teas were originally  based in Russia (talking about before the révolution), don't think communist Russia but the romantique and splendide Russia of Tsars and princesses......... After the révolution Kusmi established itself in Paris and has been there ever since.
 Now I'm enjoying a nice cup of "Love tea". Someone has to try and test the merchandise we are hoping to sell in our new coffee shop.............. It's hard work but someone has to do it!
 Would you like to try? Leave a comment and I'll send out a teabag to the first five.