Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Saying goodbye

It's time to say good-bye.............to summer:(

 I love summer. I love the warm sun ,the blue happy skies, freckled faces, long days, flowery gardens , refreshing water , shiny hair and the list goes on. That just makes it all the harder to say aurevoir.

 School starts in two days and I don't know who's dredding it more; the kids or me.

 I like a simple life without too much coming and going and to have time to ponder,think,dream,meditate.

 Don't you think sometimes we just run around doing so many things when we should be just being.......... or eating fresh  "panzotti"  (sort of little packets of pasta filled with ricotta cheese and spinach) with a walnut sauce!  


Monday, 30 August 2010

French benefits

One, and I said one, of the nice things about living in France is the fact that on nearly every corner there's a bakery filled with gorgeous pattisserie beckoning you in.........

 Oh yes it's hard to resist! And when you do go in  you are not only hit with that mouth-watering smell of the "best bread in the world" but a display of delicate and beautifully decorated cakies!

  It really is a feast for the senses!

My favourite is the lemon meringue tartelettes.

There's nothing like it , sweet soft swirl of meringue on top to be greeted by a creamy , tart, lemon filling and the buttery crust............swoon.

Mouth watering............

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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Long time

Hello, my lovelies! Well yes it  has been a long time away and I've been busy. But I'm back with more ideas and goals. As the kids are getting back to school, first psychologically and on Thursday officially, I'm getting my act together and I hope to make writing my blog a daily affaire. I realised that logging in the ideas, the happenings, the beauty, of my little life encourages me to see how wonderful a life my lord gives me every day! It's so important to stay motivated and not get into a rut of self dispair ; wishing for another easier more sun filled, exciting life or something!

Well to start off the "new year" in beauty here are some beautiful flowers dinner freinds bought over.Merci à Terese, Lawrence and Xavier.  So pretty and French pink don't you think!

Oh yeh, by the way I'm counting on you guys to give me some feedback. I love hearing from you . So all you lurkers come out!

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